Tuesday, June 16

Dragon Boats

Sorry -- these photos are a little late - I have been a bit slow to update these days. We are having the weirdest June - a couple of days of beautiful weather (usually the weekends) and then 4 or 5 days of gray and rainy. Its kept me a bit out of sorts. and You all know that I will be bitching about the summer heat in no time at all....

But on a good note the fun events along the Charles have begun full force. We had the River Fest last week - lots of arts but no photos (sorry) and the week prior was the Dragon Boat Fest. Blasto & I went down at the end of the afternoon to check out the food, the taiko drumming & off course the boats

You can't tell from these shots that people were convinced that it was going to start pouring rain any minute.... the clouds were all at my back.

I do dig having a river as my almost back yard.

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