Friday, June 19

We're Here, We're Queer, We Love Pixar

Two big events in BeanTown this past weekend - actually three, Gay Pride Festivities & Parade; RiverFest in Cambridge and UP showing Downtown. Sadly my only photo from Pride is em & boy waiting to head home with balloons at the Park St T Station. The parade ws fun - but like Mexican Food - You just can't compare it to what you get in San Francisco. I think the whole thing passed in just under 3 hours as opposed to SF's over 5 hour behemouth. We did see Lots of Kids & Lots of Churches, a little bit of Leather & our teacher from the boys upcoming Pre-School. Oh, and we got Donuts - Yumm.

At Riverfest later in the day we played with clay & with lots of cool juggling toys.

Then on SUNDAY - Blasto & Cousin Farah both went to the MOVIES - for the FIRST TIME EVAH!!!
We went downtown to see UP - which was PG & not G & would be scary for a little kid who doesn't have a dog that barks constantly thereby making him somewhat callous to attack dogs. After the movie Em had to celebrate with a little spin on the Carousel.

Happy Pride to all my SF & NYC peeps.


Jen said...

Hi! I'm a long-time lurker, mom to a 6-month-old. I love seeing the pictures of your little guy and his curls. I'm finally de-lurking b/c your post brought up a question that my partner and I have been discussing: how to explain to a kid about the leather folks one sees at pride. Obviously our 6-month-old isn't asking questions yet, but we're starting to ponder what to say and how to explain in an age-appropriate way when he becomes a curious pre-schooler. Any ideas? Thanks!

ButchMommyDaddy-Something said...

This is a great question/comment ... and I think the answer will be different for every family. I grew up in San Francisco - in the Castro, with a gay dad and therefore as a teen became quite accustomed to the flamboyounce that was around for Pride, Halloween & the various gay street fairs ... I have always been glad that the more extreme edges are a part of our community - whether its drag or leather or what not. I think for me, if my son just grows up seeing some of this in the same way that he sees Boston Sporting Fanatics for example he will just know that its yet another way that some folks choose to express themselves. And later when he's a teen or pre-teen we may choose as a family to be around it less if he expresses embarasment or discomfort but my hope for now is just that its just another part of the wide scope of what is...

I may post this up on FB or Twitter this week & see what other Parents during Pride think about it.
Thanks -