Monday, January 4

December 2009

December was sandwiched between two full moons - one the night of my birthday and again on NY Eve. The month started with a warm streak - I was actually out a couple days in a row in short sleeves and no jacket - but don't worry the snow reappeared quickly.
Em spent the month on Night Float which meant we had weekend time together (when she was awake) It was also a month full of Family time & events. My Birthday in Cambridge, Chanukah celebrations in CT, and New Years at the Shire.
We also got to spend time with Kristen & Lila as they were back visiting from Seattle for the holiday - sledding at Fresh Pond, late breakfasts, X-mas Eve tortilla dinner and a fun early NY Eve party with all 4 kids dancing in the dark with glow sticks at 8:30.

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