Wednesday, November 3

Giant Celebration Parade

After some deliberation the night before I decided that after I dropped the boy off at preschool I would go ahead and come into the city to check out the PARADE OF CHAMPIONS!!!! I think it was a very good decision to not bring him with because the crowds were insane & I suspect WAY MORE than the city had planned for.
These photos are from the FRINGES and in no way reflect the actual numbers of people there - seriously they are just catching the smatterings. I got close enough to see the tops of some of the floats heading into civic center & then I gave up and went up to Louies in the Castro for a haircut. (Guess what NO LINE) - Enjoyed the camraderie of a lot of happy folks on the BART trains both there and back - but reminded that I really don't like crowds.
Can't wait to bring the boy to a game or twenty in the spring!!!

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