Monday, September 6

Home Sweet Home

Well I am a bit behind schedule on getting some updates on here... but today will be worth the wait. To start here are some shots of the NEW house in the Berkeley Hills. We got to CA at about 1:30 am on the 23rd of August and crashed on Elizabeth and Angie (who found this place for us) then when we woke up in the morning we came out to explore our new digs.
The place is probably a bit fancy for us - its way, way way way way UP in the hills - almost in Tilden Park. And its pretty white and modern & minimal on the inside (well it was before all of our boxes got here!)
The first shot is a view of the house as seen from Angie & Elizabeths yard, and the second shot is the view that we see from the front room, the boys room and the deck - lots of Redwoods, Eucalyptus and a drop off down the hill to the bay, Alcatraz and the Golden Gate.

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