Saturday, September 11

Saturday in the City

This weekend we came into the city for our first recreational visit since we have been back in the Bay Area. And we promptly got lost. Hard to believe that in only four years we had both forgotten how to drive around the city. Even in the Castro we forgot what streets get us where and places that only the buses can turn - it was rather embarrassing, but finally we did make it to our destination - The Children's Playground at Golden Gate Park - and the Ginormous Cement Slide...

Then from the park we headed out to the Avenues where I discovered a great Coffee shop that I will probably never go to again since its on Judah and 46th and I can't imagine being that far out again but they did make a REALLY good cup of coffe & it was a nice break from the craziness in the park and on the streets from both the Power to the Peaceful concert in the park and some neighborhood street fair that we ran into on Judah.

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