Thursday, September 9


L'Shanah Tovah Ya'all.

I can't believe that we are back in the Bay Area to start the New Year (5771). We attended erev services at Beth El - the reform congregation just down the hill from us in Berkeley. Yoel Kahn from CSZ is the Rabbi there now and Rueben is the Asst. Rabbi so it felt very at home for us - and there are a lot of kids at the early service so the boy could sit and play angry birds without causing too much of a stir. In the morning we came into the city for the CSZ services at the Herbst Theater which REALLY feels like coming home. We sat in one of the boxes and the boy played with magnets on the floor - I was surprised to have Jack's Grandma Inez come over and say hi - didn't realize that she attends CSZ. We went from services to grab a lunch to go from one of my favorite dives then headed out to Chrissy Field to do Taschlich.

The bridge was just visible through the fog but as we enjoyed our lunch the sun came out more and more.

For the boy it was a chance to play on the beach as we cast our crumbs into the sea.
Oh yeah - it was also a great chance for him to enjoy Jesse's company as well and to gather some more tips on strategy for taking on the helmet heads of Angry Birds.

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