Saturday, January 15

Beach Day

Here are my toes as they sample the lovely sands at Carmel by the sea. I know you'd reather see a photo of the beach and ocean, or the Pebble Beach golf course at my right, but hey thats not the photo I took.

So we are on a MLK weekend vaca with Em's folks that has been a quick jaunt down to Monterey and have been blessed with the most amazing sunshine-y day evah! Especially since we got hit with a lot of cloudy overcasty rainy days for awhile now. So we got up this morning to some blazing sun - sat outside for breakfast then walked down to the Monterey Bay Aquarium which was only three blocks away. The boy loved the Jelly fish I love the otters... We all had a good time. Then down to Carmel for a bit of time on the beach and back for dinner in Monterey.

A really good day!

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