Friday, January 21

Rose Garden Sunset over the Golden Gate

Okay did anybody notice that the title of this post was rose garder for a few days. Oh well. So we have been having the MOST AMAZING January weather believable. And I feel kinda mean talking about it because I know that the East Coast is beyond cold right now. Seeing temp readings of NEGATIVE Double Numbers in the shire and in Boston. So I am feeling for you all - but I am also so enjoying running around in short sleeves and being on the verge of complaigning that I am getting too warm.

The beauty of this place is taking my breath away again and again. I think I have always appreciated the bay area - but seriously being away for a few years has made it that much more Awe Inspiring to me. Nearly everyday I am hit by something - the redwoods and eucalyptus by my house, the sweeping views of the bay and marin as I drive the boy to preschool, the magic of the fog, the stunning sunsets like this one that was so literally perfect with the bay clear and the Marin mountains and the GoldenGate framed between the Berkley Trees.

If you haven't been here in awhile you should come visit.

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