Sunday, January 16

Kiddie Rides in Santa Cruz

After we checked out of the lovely hotel in Monterey we got into the car and headed up to Santa Cruz - not a long haul at all. It was even more gorgeous out - Monterey had been foggy in the morning but by Santa Cruz it was nothing but sun and the temps had to be reaching the low 70's (sorry Boston folks). Sadly though since it is still the middle of winter 9/10ths of the boardwalk rides were shut down for the season. But Em and the monkey did find a couple adventures to have. Above you can see them on the race cars which look pretty tame but do really whip you around as you head into the curve. He also rode the carousal and some spinny ride with Em that nearly made her puke.
I took a walk along the beach with Em's folks and we all had some decent lunch before heading on up the coast toward Half Moon Bay and SFO.
Not a bad visit at all

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