Saturday, May 2


After 5 Nights at the "Other Mexico" - the Mexico of FruitLoops and family and Spring Breakers we came down the coast a little further to the Tulum area - a very different experience. Here we stayed at Cabanas La Luna (see clip) which had about 5 rooms of varying sizes (ours was the smallest) right on the beach. They have saltwater showers & lowflow toilets an Ice Box & mosquito nets. The deck had a couple of chairs a table & our hammock - Oh yes we love us a hammock!!!! There was no food included at La Luna so until I made em run to the nearest store (over an hour by Bicycle - thanks honey!!) We randomly walked up & down the beach to try different restaurant/bars for meals & coffee. We found some EXCELLENT seafood, but I also discovered that the earliest opening is 7:30 am which doesn't work for my coffee needs when the sunrise is waking me up at 6:20.

At La Luna Monito made a lil' friend - Leo an almost 3 year old boy who also loves a good sand castle stomping & a handful of toy race cars!!! I was very thankful to have a playmate to help break up the day. I was also very thankful that Em insisted on getting me a beachside massage while we were here- Awesome!!

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