Monday, May 25

Ver-Monsters - 2009

As usual a holiday weekend with the Blue-bramsons involves Ribs, lots of Ribs. Here our lil Firefighter digs into the first batch off the grill. I had already filled him up with 4 kinds of salads, corn & chicken at this point too. The food - oh the food so yummy. We also got to enjoy the special burgers at the Burlington Farmers Market & the Homemade Rootbeer Floats. What a way to welcome the start of summer!!
Monito & his new best bud Sammy share a love of the big yellow diggers. On the way out of shelburne farms we made a pit stop to climb on, dig around and pose with a bunch of idle farm machinery. Awesome

Ila, Vi & Sammy riding on the tractor up to Shelburne Farms

Em & Monito at Shelburne
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