Saturday, May 2

Viva Azteca

Here is the first of two slideshows. These are photos from what lil Monito calls "The Other Mexico". As in "Mommy, Momma I wanna go back to my other Mexico" - screamed at ohh 2:30 or 3 in the morning in a hut in Tulum ...

This is the Mexico of Pools and Calm Beaches where he spent hours with Grandpa & Mommy making sand castles then crushing them into oblivian. This is the Mexico of the Buffet and Never Ending FRUIT LOOPS where he could sit with Grandma & GG Anne noshing for hours & where Momma could always be found with a steamy cafe con leche. This is the Mexico of Farah & Matthew & Olivia all playing together in the pool like crazy monkey cousins.

This is also the Mexico of the 3pm Dance A-Long to "Hey Baby - Be My Girl", the "Beer Olympics" (Uncle Jim placed), the nightly off-off-off really really off-Broadway show (We loved Lion King) and sadly it was also the Mexico of Corey and his Canadian Buddies getting so drunk they puked all over his Man-Kini.

As you can see it has a lovely beach, an inviting pool and a sunrise thats worth being up at 6am for - and if you know my sleep habits you know that is no small praise.

Enjoy ....

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