Wednesday, November 18

Adventure Day - BMC

Em has been telling the lil monkey about the construction that is going on "right outside my window" at her work... and has been asking us when we want to come down & see. So that was our destination on this weeks adventure day.

It's a pretty easy ride on the #1 bus & we passed lots of big buildings & construction on the way. As we got close to the hospital we were amused by the "antics" of the various junkies on their way to BMC - something that always gives me a bit more sympathy for Em since these are often her patients.

Then we got to meet up with Mommy & see the building - my photo's don't really do it justice but there is a massive construction project outside her office & the cool part is that they have a GIANT tower crane inside the center of the new building - which no one we talked to yet knows how they get out of there...

The boy happily sat in Em's office window (ps the office for the residents is something that just happend this year - and by office we pretty much mean a closet sized space shared by 16 - but hey it does have a DOOR!!) & ate his snacks and marveled at the crane.

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