Tuesday, November 24

Garden Nursery Pajama Day Fun

Monito's nursery school likes to hold a pajama day for the kids before the holiday weekends. Today was our first one. I had been looking forward to this since last year when Em & I visited the school it was PJ day & I thought it looked like so much fun. Really - what's cuter than a bunch of 3 year olds running amok in their footsies?

The teachers & the parent teacher also wear PJ's to school for the day & the classroom is transformed for "night time" with lots of caves (big boxes), sleeping bags, flashlights and other fun stuff.

This year the kids also were "going on a bear hunt" for PJ day ---
Here is the monkey & one of his classmates making bears with teacher Rachel (easy name to remember huh)

showing off his bear (that he carried around with him ALL day according to the teachers)

The classroom also has a cool loft space that the kids have transformed into a FIRETRUCK
this year - complete with hoses, helmets and the steering wheels that used to be in the outside play yard...

put this all together and you get.....

A couple of Pajama clad fire fighters!!!!!

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