Friday, November 13

SkyScraper 1,2,3 ....

Adventure day this week was a trip to downtown Boston to do a return visit to the Boston Public Library and to take a harder look at some of the SkyScrapers of our skyline. The plan was maybe going to include a trip up the elevator at the Prudential Bldng. but the weather was funky so we ended up sticking to the ground on this trip.

He has become really interested in the tall buildings - singing about sky scrapers, building them out of blocks, asking us to draw them... etc. And it was really apparent to me that he's even more nutso about them than last time we were downtown - I thought that he would fall over from craning his neck to look up at the big glass skyscraper.

what you are missing in the photo is his animated babbling and the occasional jumping up and down with excitement.

This is the view he had:

I, on the other hand love the buildings placement....

and the reflection of the old church in its modern facade.

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