Tuesday, November 10

Adventure Day - Science Museum

After the teacher conference in the am - we caught a bus to Lechmere & made the quick walk down to the Museum of Science. We haven't been here for awhile and this time we spent some time outside looking at the big rocks - there are some from Lassen even...

There is a Harry Potter exhibit, but I thought we should wait until Em was with us till we went & saw it, but they do have the flying car on general display... how cool is that. (oh the boy is TOTALLY not impressed by this yet though). He did like playing with all the body parts on the computers and also running against the arrows & lights & of course our old standby the pneumatic tube. I enjoyed the fish & chip lunch as I always do.

We headed home on the T & passed out promptly.

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lauren & jerald said...

Cute pics! I can't believe how big he is! Were you there today? We were at the Harry Potter exhibit today. Soooo cool! Even though Seth has no idea who Harry Potter is - he really enjoyed the display.