Wednesday, September 23

Adventure Day #2 Fall 09

The boy and I needed to keep up the momentum on having a special adventure Weds (it's the day between our T/TH preschool days & I need to keep him on an early to rise, early to bed routine) .... So this week we decided to soak up some BOSTON history - and let me tell you folks, Boston's got History up the wazzoo.

So we headed out on our Red-Line train to central Boston's Copley Square and adventured out to the Boston Public Library.

Nothing says Library like a couple of marble lions right????

Well the Boston Public Library is VERY old & also very gorgeous. Lots of marble, wonderfuly painted walls & ceilings and even a crazy courtyard garden with a pool and fountain. The boy thought the statue was mean Tai-Lan (Kung Fu Panda bad guy for those of you who don't know) & I pointed out that its actually a woman holding a baby. Hmm.

We enjoyed running around & playing in the kids room - which is about the same size as our entire neighborhood library & the boy even made a friend of sorts who we will have to keep our eyes open for on future trips.

There is a cafe & a restaurant that serves a full high tea, but there was no way that one of us was going to sit still for that so I think another visit may be in order - especially if I can drop the kid somewhere first.

All in all - it was another pretty good outing for the two of us. Now I just need a plan for next week....
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