Tuesday, September 15

Look at me Ben Affleck, Look at me

Today when I went to pick the kid up from his preschool this is the scene that confronted me infront of my Peets coffee location. Well you can't really tell but its a film crew set-up working on Ben Affleck's new movie that's set in Cambridge. This is probably going to be a 3 second shot of someone walking out of Upstairs on the Sq. or Grendels Den & into the little square here - to get it they were shooting for a day or two. After picking up the munchkin we came back to look at the costumes, and mixing boards and big cameras.

He didn't really get it - he kept asking where the TV was - assuming that a movie had to be on TV & not getting that they were all "making" a movie & not "watching" a movie. I also think he was a little disgruntled that his favorite rock staircase was behind the caution tape & he couldn't run around on it.

I did have hopes that J. Garner would show up with their 3 year old (it was just post pre-school pickup time) and the kids could run around together & we could become best friends & then they would take us on some great mid-winter vacation with them... ahhhh -- but no - no sign of the star family of Cambridge.... There was howver the fancy sign above at Cardullo's Deli-Grocery (or whatever it is) that says Welcome to the Cast & Crew of "The Town"

--- our little bit of hollywood

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