Sunday, September 20

Nanuet New Year

Yep its that time of year again. Time to pile into the car with a sleepy post call mommy, a bag full of snacks and a dvd player set to save my life pleeze, and head down to NY. I have discovered that every drive no matter how short or long is just about one half hour too long - and the drive to Nanuet is no exception - its just as you get to that Tappenzee bridge that I hit the GET ME OUT OF THIS CAR NOW - feeling & that's usually about where the boy gets it too.

This year we got pretty lucky - I drove the whole way and we only had a couple spots of traffic - none in CT where we expected it and none on the bridge really -- but then right after the bridge BOOM full stop, sit & wait traffic. But it was well worth it to get to Grandpa & Grandma's house of wonders (& wonderful peeps)!!!!!

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