Saturday, September 26

Apple Picking & Touch A Truck

We headed out to Shelburne farms in Stow, MA. for apple picking this weekend. This photo is really decieving though becouse you don't see the CRAZY crowds -- really really crazy crowds - there was a line of cars to get into the place & park, a line to get into the orchards & pick & lines at the store, the donut stand, the games & bouncy house.... We ended up in a far corner where there was a somewhat abandoned sand box eating our picnic lunch & thinking we could've just gone to the park behind our house. But then we wouldn't have 124 apples to share - want some apples????

ALSO - we would have missed the FABULOUSNESS that is ACTON City's Touch A Truck day!!!!

Yes boys & girls - we have every type of truck a three year old could aks for AND MORE - there were diggers, cherry pickers, big Mac Trucks, Poice Cars, Motorcycles & even a Police Command Center. Fire Trucks, Ambulance - & you could go inside them & play.... even a school bus



Monito really dug the motor boat - plus they had it set up so that you climbed up a balance beam to get in and came out down a slide --- WOW

and finally our lil firefighter chillin on a digger.

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