Tuesday, September 8

First "first day of school"

Today Pre-School started.

Here is the boy walking toward the new school with Mommy

You can tell that its pretty early in the am for him by the half-closed eyes. He actually did really good getting up early, watching a little telly, having his breakfast, getting clothes on & getting into the car. At this point though he is telling us that he doesn't like his school & doesn't want to go there. You can tell from the smile that he's got Em convinced.

Here he is in the classroom - not so bad

there are blocks, there are trucks, there is a marble run... This was before he started crying & asking us to not go.
That was hard but the teachers called to let me know he was ok & playing & having a good time an hour or so after drop off.

No paparazzi at my breakfast please!!! - note 2 kinds of cereal (both wrong by the way)
and scrambled eggs, water and fuzzy milk.

The picture I didn't get was him at the pick up - marching into the cubby room holding his little snack-purse and
his lunch bag -OMG so Friggin Cute. & he had a BIG smile even with the crazy-ness of 17 kids running to their
respective moms & dads & nannnies.

And the real picture from the first day of school is where he is now....
asleep on the couch -
he didn't even make it into the bedroom to lay down for a nap.
Playing can be SUCH hard work!!!!
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