Tuesday, January 6

December 2008

December 2008 - Happy Birthday to Me!!!

The snow came, and came, and came. We didn't get as much as Spokane did (60" this month) but we got enough to pull out the shovels, snow boots and hot cocoa supplies. My Birthday (Dec 01) was positivly balmy (maybe 60) - we were out with light jackets, no hats, no gloves. Three days later it was too cold to go outside and a week later it was snowing and settling into the 20's.

We visited preschools, skipped Chanukah in Ct., had Xmas dinner with Alex, Ted, Jack & his Grandma/Nonna and sent Em back to work at BMC - starting with Xmas call on labor & delivery - lonely for me.

New Years Eve was spent at home with shrimp & steak - Em stayed up till 9:30 at least and the boy and I watched fireworks on TV at Midnight.

Joyous and Happy 2009 Y'All ---- can't wait to celebrate with you in person.

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