Tuesday, January 6

September 2008

Sept 2008 - The days were still warm and we got another Berkeshire Weekend. This time we lucked into seeing James Taylor rehearsing for Good Morning America when we went to the playground in Stockbridge. The next morning R & I watched on TV and saw JT & YoYo Ma and then read as our friend Gina blogged about the morning. The monkey & I took our first solo trip to NYC where we got to stay with Jaime and had a great burrito and a good dinner with "uncle" Richie. We also got to meet Hudson & his mommies and went to the Natural History Museum and Central Park with them. We saw Melisa K, Lisa W. and Val D. and did a run around of the lower east side & a trip to chinatown. And we went to the Opening of Cathy Opie's exhibit at the Guggenheim, - I walked the boy around and showed him pictures of young Joey & Bernice & Mike & Sky as well as other SF friends.

Then we were off for another train ride up to Nanuet for Rosh Hashanah with the Grandparents - Em met us there for the weekend. I continue to be amazed at how easy a traveller this boy is. He handled 3 train rides, tons of subways, lots of walking & some getting lost all with a great amount of grace & ease.

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