Tuesday, January 6

October 2008 - Not SF Photos

October 2008 - In like a lamb out like a lion. This is becoming my favorite East Coast month - the weather cools down enough to warrant long sleeves & it feels to me like the bay area but with a season. Leaves turn color in a week then tumble to the ground overnight - something wonderful for young boys to play in & also pretty fun for old mommy-daddies too. The summer season winds down and it seems like there are events along the Charles River every sunday. And perhaps best of all - there is hot apple cider EVERYWHERE.

We spent half the month in SF, but we still managed to start sharing a babysitter with Jack & Lila, to get to lots of parks & playgroups, to go apple picking with the kids and to celebrate Halloween 3 ways - with a party at Dana Park, a party at Alex's & finally trick or treating with the cast of the Wizard of Oz - aka Dan (scarecrow) Monito (the Lion) Farah (Dorothy) Gina (Glinda or Galinda) and me as the very pregnant Glinda's OB for the evening (Gina's due date was 10-31).

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