Friday, January 30

Train part deux

After a sit down breakfast on the "sky" - our first one since on every other morning we just hit the egg buffet of one type or another with a side of Fruit Loops for the kid (ps - if you talk with him in real life please note that as far as he is concerned Fruit Loops ONLY exist on cruise ships - Thanks) - we proceeded to disembark, go through customs and claim our luggage that had been placed outside the door like a bad dog the night before - all of this took only half an hour (the disembarking not the breakfast) - then we were in a cab being swept away from the Port of Miami toward the Airport of Miami where we caught a train to Boynton which was "lucky for us" delayed. (wow that was a long sorta sentence wasn't it)

On the train ride the monkey stayed pretty busy by playing Doc Hudson & Mater go to the bathroom by themselves.... A game he made up all on his own. I sorta feel bad that he has been disney'd but take some solace in the fact that at least its not princess's that he's obsessed with. The truth is at this point there's not much I'm gonna do about it because his time with "C*ars" is my downtime - so even though he's not learning anything productive it makes me a calmer momma.
I was sad to leave the cruise behind, but felt like we did really well - not enough to get bored or too cooped up feeling - but a really good 3 solid days of beach going. I don't really feel like we got to know the bahamas at all - sadly you see ports, resorts and not much thats anything like real life but - I did get to read a book, and Em got to spend DAYS with the boy. We all got visibly relaxed as well as visibly sunburned-tanned.

And - WE still have two more days in FL with Gma Anne!!

(I hear that there was an ice storm this week - sorry)

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