Monday, January 26

Miami - Coming & Going

We caught the train from Boynton Beach to Miami (airport) then hopped a cab to the port. R. was great - all week he has been prepping for a plane ride to Florida then a train to a boat to the beach and I think he was really excited to be getting on the train & getting underway - (look at that smile!) The ride & transfer was easy and really before we knew it we were walking onto the "Sky" and wandering around waiting to find our luggage & cabin.

We got up onto the deck to watch the ship pull out of the Miami Port and to watch the sun go down - it was every thing you'd expect on a cruise - wonderful sunny weather, lots of fru fru drinks, loud people excitedly running about, a faux-carribean cover band playing Jimmy Cliff too loudly by the pool - and decks and decks to explore. In short a two 1/2 year olds idea of paradise meets momma's idea of exhausting. We ran around till after dark then enjoyed a bit of Bingo & some dinner. Tomorow = Grand Bahama Island!!!!

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