Thursday, January 29

Final Night

One of the only places that our lil monkey-boy/rocket man could run uninteruptedly without too much supervision was around a large sculpture just outside of the main "Palace" dining room on the ship. I took him here as if it was a playground - with no worries of sliding overboard or climbing over the benches into the swimming pools. So in our last hours on the ship it was one of our final visits....

Ah - the luggage stacked outside our cabin door...
My exhausted cabin mates -

while they slept i did a last run through of the ship - stopping at some nice sky gazing points on decks 11 and 12 - I think I may have interupted a wanting to be amourous couple in the jacuzzi on the quiet deck - oh well. I had a cup of tea and walked a couple of laps then headed back down our long hallway - another favorite running spot for our little lightning McQ

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