Tuesday, January 6

November 2008

November 2008 - I'm almost done with the photo journey of this past year. November hit with the beginnings of the wintery weather, but also with its own fair share of blessings. November brought Dev into our house for a much needed visit as well as a new favorite playmate ("where is my beaver !?! Where is my Beaver ?) We also got back into some competitive Challah baking with Dan, but have since been humbled by Emily who had dough that rose so easily it shamed me. November elections were good news (Obama) and bad (California's passage of proposition h8te.) - the lil' monkey went to the polls and told us that he was voting for Grandpa.

Newfield holidays beginning with this Thanksgiving will all be a bit more crowded now that Dori Pearl has joined the party - she made her appearance on November 11 and brought Grandma & Grandpa to Boston a gazillion times this month.

Em finished with Lahey Forever & began a month called "elective" - which meant she was mainly working on a research project that she was able to do while at home. She & the monkey spent more time together than they had since he was one month old.

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